5 Truths About Why You "Can't" Hula Hoop

I can’t hula hoop. I literally can not keep a hoop spinning around my waist.

These are words I hear often from adults of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.  This excuse often is what keeps people from trying out one of my hoop classes and possibly finding a new hobby to enjoy, a new way to work out, or a fun activity to enjoy with family. I’ve heard them all, so here are the top five excuses, and the true reasons why you CAN hula hoop.

EXCUSE: “I really can’t hula hoop. Even as a child, I was never able to keep a hula hoop up.”

TRUTH: While it comes naturally to some without instruction, the majority of us just need a few pointers on how to maintain momentum of the hoop, which motions to make with our waist and how to practice. I have never had anyone willing to learn come to a class who couldn’t hula hoop after a few instructions.

EXCUSE: “No, really, I can’t hoop. I have tried over and over playing with my child/friend, and I just can’t get the hang of it.”

TRUTH: It’s very difficult, almost impossible, for an adult to learn how to hula hoop with a child-size hoop. You wouldn’t use a child’s backpack to carry your college textbooks would you? Likewise, you need an adult-sized hoop that accommodates your height and size. Also, a more experienced hooper tends to use a lighter and smaller hoop that is not suitable for beginners. Most hoop classes (and those offered by Bliss Fit!) provide a variety of beginner-friendly, adult-sized hoops so you can learn more easily.

EXCUSE: “I have tried to learn a few tricks, but it’s just too hard. I just can’t hoop like you do.”

TRUTH: We hoopers put hours and hours into drilling tricks over and over again until we learn them flawlessly to incorporate into our flow. The thrill and fun of it comes from the journey. Don't expect to be able to just pick up a hoop for a week and match the level of someone who has spent years training. Enjoy spending the time getting to know your hoops and finding your own hoop flow. Working each day or week on a new trick or skill is what makes hooping a lifelong hobby.

EXCUSE: “I can’t hoop well yet, so I can’t come to your class. I would make a fool of myself.”

TRUTH: This is exactly why you should attend a class. Beginner-friendly classes are perfect for those who have no hoop background. The first few hoop classes I took, I didn't own a hoop yet or practice anything at home first.  Even experienced hoopers were once beginners, so we all understand that it's tough trying something new for the first time! Go on, be brave!

EXCUSE: “I can’t find time to hula hoop.”

TRUTH: You can practice hoop dance using just a few minutes of your spare time. Take a break during your day, turn on your favorite song and spend just 3 minutes hooping. One of my favorite tips: Keep a hoop by your fridge and when you wander over for a snack, instead of mindlessly eating, hoop for 5 minutes. All you need is to dance for 3-5 minutes a day (more, of course, is welcome!), and it will do wonders for your mood and happiness!

If you find the hula hoop intriguing, don’t let these excuses keep you from exploring something you potentially might really enjoy. Trying anything new means reaching out of your comfort zone, feeling awkward and humbly and patiently being devoted to learn. Hooping is an excellent hobby because it’s really just up to you and the hoop. You can learn when, where and whatever you want. Just be true to you and let the journey unfold.

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