5 Unique Ways to Entertain Guests at Your OBX Wedding Reception

Party guests are entertained by LED hoop performer Chel Rogerson.

Party guests are entertained by LED hoop performer Chel Rogerson.

It’s so critical to get those perfect photographs of the wedding party after the ceremony, but guests can get a little antsy waiting on your big arrival to the reception. Hor d’oeuvres and cocktails can surely help, but there are more unique ways to entertain a crowd of all ages. Here are some ideas to wow and entertain guests, Outer Banks style!

  1. Regional Drinks. Serve local beer and rum to enhance the experience for guests who have traveled to the Outer Banks for your wedding. A beer and wine tasting with local brewers, such as Outer Banks Brewing Station or Weeping Radish Brewery, and winery Sanctuary Vineyards would be a great way for guests to experience the Outer Banks. Be sure to serve a signature cocktail with Kill Devil Rum by Outer Banks Distilling, made right here in Manteo!

  2. Outdoor Games. Corn hole is a fixture at many Outer Banks restaurants with backyard areas. Outer Banks locals love to toss bean bags or basically play any game where you can socialize at the same time. Adding some games like corn hole, bocce ball or life-size Jenga and Connect Four to your wedding reception are inexpensive, family-friendly ways to keep a crowd lively. Check out the back yard of Kill Devil Hills restaurant Bonzer Shack for game ideas and inspiration.

  3. Hoop Dancing. The Outer Banks is a place that nurtures free spirits! Hoop Dancing (using a hula hoop as a dance prop) is a beautiful performance art of this self expression. You can share this with your guests by either hiring Bliss Fit’s professional hoop dancers to roam and dance around your mingling crowd, or go even further by providing hoops and letting your guests try it for themselves. This is sure to be a big hit with kids!

  4. Fire Dancing. Time to wow your crowd. Fire dancing is a stunning and awe-inspiring art form that many of your guests have likely not witnessed in person. The massive flames and sound of fire “swooshing” around a dancer is a magical experience. Bliss Fit’s fire dancers are trained professionals who take all safety precautions to bring this exciting performance to your wedding reception!

  5. Drumming. Why not get your guests involved in a drum circle, providing percussion instruments for both children and adults. There are many drummers in the Outer Banks who can lead in syncing your crowd to one beautiful vibe! Imagine incorporating a little of this musical creation into the soundtrack of your wedding video. Bliss Fit is happy to refer you to local drummers who we often dance with on the beach.

You chose the Outer Banks as your wedding destination because it’s a truly magical and unique place. Choose entertainment that embraces the wonder of this beautiful destination and your guests are sure to be dazzled at a wedding they will never forget.