3 Reasons to Take a Yoga Class on Your Next Vacation

Vacationers enjoy deep relaxation at the end of a yoga class at resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Vacationers enjoy deep relaxation at the end of a yoga class at resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

I’ve spent the past few years teaching yoga to tourists, mostly in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but I’m currently teaching in the Dominican Republic. This offers me the unique opportunity to teach students who are often brand new to yoga or do not have an ongoing yoga practice. Often students come up and talk to me after class, expressing how much they needed yoga and how great they feel afterward. 

If you are not currently practicing yoga, why not take an hour while on vacation to explore how yoga could help you? Here are just a few benefits to adding yoga to your vacation plans.


The point of a vacation is to relax, right? Many times, we come back from our vacations with more stress. We return back to our normal lives thinking, “I need a vacation from my vacation!” That’s because we’re so busy rushing around to have the perfect vacation, we don’t take the time to simply relax. Taking even just an hour of yoga during your weeklong vacation dedicates time to simply chilling out without interruption. You take time on the mat (or on the beach) to breathe, relax, stretch and enjoy - one hour completely disconnected (No smart phone or social media! You will survive!).

Savor the Moments

Often times, our vacations go by so fast that they feel like a blur. Yoga allows you to take time on your vacation to connect with yourself and fully observe what’s happening within you - how your body feels, what it’s like to quiet your mind and just enjoy each moment. This feeling of peace will always be associated with your vacation experience.

Chart a New Path

While vacation is a time to relax, it also offers a break from normal life to decide what you would like to achieve or how you would like to feel in the future. When you take a yoga class on vacation, set an intention for how you wish to change your life. Do you want to exercise more, reduce stress, eat more healthy or make other positive changes? Take time for yourself to reflect on how you are living your life and what improvements you can make. Perhaps you will even decide you should continue taking yoga classes or meditating when you return home.

Life is busy, and it’s never easy to start a new habit or try something new. Use an hour of your vacation time to explore the benefits of yoga and how it may improve your health and quality of life. “I wish I hadn’t taken that relaxing yoga class,” said no one ever!