Magic pills make your mosquito bites disappear!

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, the Outer Banks is plagued with mosquitoes worse than I've ever experienced. Nowhere is safe, not your car, not even restaurants. Open a door, and in they fly to attack you. Forget about sitting at the beach or anything outdoors. We're all swatting and itching like crazy. So, here's some major, much-needed relief!


These little homeopathic pills are magic! Hyland's Apis Mellifica 30 X (250 tablets) are just $5, but right now in the Outer Banks, they may as well be little bits of gold. I've been using them all summer, and they always work like a charm. Simply dissolve four under your tongue, and you will totally forget you have mosquito bites!

I couldn't find them around town, but ordered some online at VitaCost. While I was shopping, I decided to pick up the Hyland's homeopathic remedy for sore muscles as well. Hopefully, they are magic too and I can recover faster after my pole fitness workouts! I'll test it out and let you know.