Happy Social Good Day! Your comment, tweet or facebook post = $1!

How can we use social media for social good?

That's a question (RED) asks on this second annual Social Good Day! Meetups are taking place all over the world to discuss how we can use social media to save the world. Last year, I teamed up virtually with a group of bloggers to share our ideas on using social media for social good and generate donations for (RED). (We're even mentioned in (RED)'s blog post about social good day for that effort!)

This year, I've got some new thoughts to share about using social media for social good. And again, I'd like to make a donation to the Global Fund as part of (RED)'s Social Good Day WITH YOUR HELP!


Tweet a link to this blog post with a mention to me on Twitter, @chelbycat, and I'll donate $1 per tweet.

Comment on this blog post, and I'll donate $1 per comment. Mention how you think social media can be used for social good or just share some encouraging words!

Share this blog post on Facebook and let me know in the comments, and I'll donate $1.

With your help, I'll donate up to $100 the Global Fund today, an organization that helps fight HIV/AIDS in Africa!

Get inspired! Post your own ideas for using Social Good Day or make a donation. If you do either, let me know, so I can share the news!


I believe social media works for social good in several ways, and I want to share this message with as many people as possible:

  • With social media, we decide what makes the conversation. For example, in a large part, traditional media is ignoring the the current Horn of Africa Famine. This is a disaster killing thousands, millions are starving, yet we don't see about it on the television news at night. It's our job as bloggers, tweeters, facebookers to share this information and make it a part of our daily conversation. 
  • With social media, we can be a part of the solution. We can interact directly with organizations and share and spread our ideas. The fact that I can converse directly with @JoinRed at any time encourages me to come up with creative ideas or share information with my connections. Hopefully, those ideas further (RED)'s cause and other causes.
  • With social media, one person can make a difference. For example, one person donating just $1, can pay for more than two days worth of medicine for an HIV/AIDS patient in Africa. So, just think what one person, with hundreds of connections via social media, could do. The possibilities are endless if we have the passion to encourage change.
  • With social media, we are all empowered. I started this blog, The Greater Good Life, just about a year ago with the very thought that one person can make a difference. Sure, there are bigger blogs out there that tackle the topics of simple living, sustainability, health and giving, but this is how I connect and share. The scale may be smaller, but the connections to my readers are closer. And if I help just a few people, and they help a few people...well, that's the power of social media.

To share your own thoughts about using social media for social good, join the discussion with (RED) on Facebook and on Twitter, using the #socialgood hashtag.

Now, don't forget to comment, facebook and tweet!

Giving, InspirationChel Rogerson