Fresh from the garden: grilled flatbread pizza and mojito recipes [Videos]

Fresh and local: grilled flatbread pizzas with homemade pesto, patty pan squash, green pepper, black tomatoes and goat cheese. And a mojito to wash it down.

I got to spend this weekend with Amber Karnes from My Aim Is True. It was a working weekend (we work together on freelance marketing projects), but we managed to have some fun experimenting in the kitchen and outside on the grill!

She brought some patty pan squash from the CSA, and I had tomatoes, green peppers, basil and mint growing in the backyard. So we came up with a bangin' grilled flatbread pizza with homemade pesto topped with veggies and goat cheese. And with the fresh mint, we had a great excuse to make (and enjoy) mojitos! 


Check out our video for how to make a mojito. We used the mint from my garden and Flor de Cana rum I brought back from Nicaragua



Now for the challenge. I've been fascinated by the idea of making pizzas on the grill, and I know I can always count on Amber to want to try something new. So we thought it was time to learn how to use my neglected charcoal grill. After a little experimentation and a few mishaps, we discovered making pizza on the grill is fairly simple. The flavorful local ingredients along with the smoked, crisp crust made for some bomb pizzas! To see how we did it, check out our video. 

Some additional tips on grilling flatbread pizza:

  • We tried one large pizza and then made smaller mini pizzas. The minis were much easier to maneuver on the grill. 
  • Roll the pizza dough out as thin as possible (if you're using the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe) because it puffs up thick when it cooks.
  • Make sure you carefully place the crust exactly in the right spot on the grill because once it's on there and cooking, you can't shift it around.
  • The crust cooks in about 3 minutes! Have your toppings ready and get them on the flatbread as soon as you flip the crust over to cook the second side.
  • Since the crust cooks fast, the toppings did not have enough time to fully heat up before the crust was finished. No problem, move the pizza over to a less heated area of the grill and closed the lid for a few minutes to warm up the toppings.

Oh, and one last tip: make lots because your friends and family are going to love it!