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Me fui a Costa Rica para tomar y surfear. - Sublime

Pura Vida! Just getting back to blogging after some much needed vacation time. I headed back to Central America --this time, spending a week learning to surf with my friend, Liza, at Witch's Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, followed by some backpacking my way down into Panama. 

Liza and I took surf lessons at Witch's Rock Surf Camp surfing in Tamarindo and Playa Grande. We've still got a lot of learning to do!This is a blog about simple living, and to me, it doesn't get much simpler than surfing. Well, simple in the sense that you are challenging yourself in a serene setting. I don't think it's simple to learn at all! It's hard work to learn how to read the waves and not get destroyed in the process! But the simplicity of an uncrowded dawn patrol session, where it's just you and the water, offers the luxury of stillness where you can connect with yourself and nature. To me, surfing is very similar to yoga in that spiritual way. And I learned that like in yoga, I have to clear my mind and get centered to have a good session. 

Liza and I started learning to surf last summer, but it was slow going for the both of us because we just weren't getting enough time in the water. So, we figured a week of surfing in Tamarindo with no distractions would help a bit. A week in the water was not enough, we'll still be kook'n out in OBX this summer! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to get back to Costa Rica again real soon and stay even longer next time!

After a chill week surfing and living it up with Liza in Tamarindo, my friend Brian met up with me to do some adventuring around --no plans, no guidebooks or reservations, just traveling on a shoestring with the goal of eventually making it to Panama City, where I had booked my flight out.

We ended up passing through San Jose and heading to the Caribbean coast to Puerto Viejo. Lots of buses, taxis and ferries (and laughable confusion) and we eventually made our way to Bocas del Toro, Panama, where we rummaged around islands discovering untouched beaches. Even when we finished up in Panama City, we managed to escape back to nature and find some rainforest to hike around in at Metropolitan National Park.   

Money should never keep you from traveling and seeing the world if you keep it simple. If you are resourceful and open to staying in hostels, you'll meet interesting people while making your money go a long way. We ended up spending about $40/day each for accommodations, food and transportation - that's in Costa Rica and Panama, where things are a bit expensive. We were living large in Nicaragua a month ago for about half that! 

Here are some pictures of my simple journey through Central that brought me new experiences, adventure, insights and lasting memories. 

Girlfriends are the best! Liza and I kick'n it at Witch's Rock Surf Camp.

A mix of surf and jungle in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. If you want to see monkeys, skip the zoo and visit here!

Okay, so here's some real surfing...Brian getting shacked in Nicaragua.