Would you like some lard with that pie?

My first attempt at a homemade pie crust was for this pecan pie last year. It turned out pretty good, but practice makes perfect.The other day, a certain wonderful person who shall remain nameless, made veggie pie for dinner. I was stoked to pop over for a delightful vegetarian meal. Until I read the ingredients for the Pillsbury ready-made pie crust she had used -- oye, it's not vegetarian. The vegetarian part may not be a problem for most people, but how about the fact that Pillsbury pie crust contains not only lard (yes, LARD!), but partially hydrogenated oil (transfat, anyone?). Eeeps, we all actually lost our appetite. Too bad we didn't read the ingredients until after we had eaten!

So homemade pie crust. It's pretty simple. I can't say the first pie crust I ever made came out looking perfect, but it tasted great. Spend the extra 15 minutes and make your own! A little flour, water, salt and some organic all-vegetable shortening and you are good to go. No mystery ingredients or lard required. Whatever recipe you use, just be sure to use organic all-vegetable shortening instead of Crisco so you keep hydrogenated oils out. Easy as pie!

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