Clean and friendly travel with LUSH

Traveling hassle-free and socially responsible with solid cosmetics from LUSH: Karma Komba Shampoo Bar, Jungle Conditioner Bar, Therapy Massage Bar and Dirty Toothy Tabs.

I'm going to be spending my holiday season volunteering at an elephant sanctuary and girls orphanage in Sri Lanka! This was another spontaneous travel idea, so I'm scrambling now to get my act together and prepare. Three weeks ago, I knew nothing about Sri Lanka. But I got really excited when I discovered the country offers volunteer opportunities as well as nice weather and good surf. So, I leave next week! I'll be updating the blog with my adventures!

For now, I'm just getting some things together to pack. I'm heading there on my own, and I'm traveling light: one carry-on backpack. So, I turned to one of my favorite cosmetic companies for some travel toiletries: LUSH.

What's great about LUSH? Importantly, their handmade soaps and cosmetics are socially responsible, many are vegan, they come with minimal product packaging and their ingredients are all natural. But I'm traveling with LUSH because they offer solid toiletries, like shampoo and conditioner bars, lotion bars and toothpaste tablets! This is perfect for traveling when the TSA limits the amount of liquids you can take on a plane. Now I have plenty of room for my sunscreen and mosquito repellant in that tiny little quart-size bag. Take that, TSA!

I've raved about LUSH before, here's the video:

If you're black Friday shopping like much of the country, you might want to stop in one of their stores or shop online and make a more socially responsible gift purchase!