Healthy trail mix quick fix for your candy jar

Love coconut. Love sweet treats. Do not love processed junk food.

These factors came together to create the perfect coconut trail mix! There's nothing complicated about this recipe. I simply combine whatever ingredients I have around the kitchen and shake it up in a candy jar. The key is lots of shredded unsweetened coconut as a base, then toss in some salted nuts and seeds as well as some dried fruit and chocolate chips.

Here's a sample combination:

Unsweetened flaked coconut

Dark chocolate chips

Salted peanuts

Salted pistachio nutmeats

Salted sunflour seeds


Dried blueberries 

In other batches, I've mixed in white chocolate chips, cashews, dried berries, and diced dried pineapple. Possibilities are endless, and you really can't mess this up as long as you buy quality ingredients. Check the ingredients label on each package and make sure there are no additives in your mix-ins. For example, Nestle Tollhouse white chocolate chips have partially hydrogenated oil (transfat) and some brands of salted peanuts have sugar and preservatives in them. I buy most of my mix-ins from Trader Joe's because it's less expensive, but most grocery stores have natural, higher-quality alternatives to the processed stuff.

This trail mix makes a really healthy alternative to processed candy. But, as with all sweets and snacks, it should be enjoyed in moderation. That's the catch! You'll have to watch yourself around this stuff! Good luck.