Simply living for travel: exploring Scotland

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland.Simple living is about realizing what's important to you and what you want to do with your short life and then eliminating the clutter that clouds our focus. For me, simple living is valuing experiences more than possessions. That's why I love travel. My mind is filled with so many memories from the places I've traveled, people I've met, challenges I've faced and successes and failures along the way. One of the rewards of simple living for me is that I can just go. 

My friend, KT, who lives in St. Andrews, invited me to visit her while we were catching up with each other over Skype. I pretty much have a standing rule (and you should be warned): if friends who live out of the country genuinely invite me to visit, I go. So, while on the Skype call, I booked a ticket. I hopped on a plane to Edinburgh two weeks later, and found myself in Scotland having a blast with one of my best friends!

I spent time with KT in Edinburgh and St. Andrews. While I visited some of the tourist attractions, I'm not the kind of traveler to fill every moment sightseeing. I like to just kick back and mingle with the locals or meet other travelers in hostels. I like to wander around, maybe get a little lost, and hope for a little seredipity. My mind stays busy as every nuance of a different culture fascinates me. I also have time away from everything to think. It rejuvinates my creativity and helps me gain some perspective on how I want to go about life when I return home.

1. Edinburgh Castle. 2. Playing pub golf in St. Andrews. 3. Whiskey Experience, Edinburgh. 4. Mozzarella and Cadbury Flake pizza!

Just a short trip, but this trip to Scotland reminded me so much why I love to travel and already has inspired me to start thinking about my next trip. Travel is my passion, maybe yours is something else. I just hope my trip inspires you to simplify your life to live for your passions and make it happen. Not later, not someday, but now. That reminds me of a common quote I first heard from a man I crossed paths with in Kusadesi, Turkey several years ago:

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.