This shirt built a school in Africa

500 shirts sold = 1 school built in Africa

Count me in. I just picked up this sweet shirt in light blue to support a very simple idea by the Crossfit Acadamy of Lions. Their program helps urban youth, the homeless and organizations that work to build schools in Africa. Using 100 percent of the proceeds generated by T-shirt sales, they will be building a school in Africa in a matter of weeks! Help them get to their goal of 500. As of this morning, they were at 171. They are relying solely on word-of-mouth marketing to get the message out, so buy a shirt if you can, and also spread the word about this great cause.

This effort is in partnership with the Michael "Pinball" Clemons Foundation, which has made a commitment to build 131 schools for marginalized children in seven under-resourced countries through Free The Children Adopt a Village development program. They are not only providing education to individuals and communities, they are creating a sustainable existence by providing education, clean water, health, sanitation and alternative income programming. After learning about this organization, I think it would be amazing to plan a volunteer trip oversees with them. I better start saving up!

Thanks to Amber Karnes and Rob Wolf for letting me know about This Shirt. I can't wait to wear mine and inspire others to give.