Finding opportunities for kindness

Being kind doesn't cost much, if anything, and it is relatively easy to do. Sometimes we forget that. We find it's easier to keep to ourselves, or maybe we are too wrapped up in our own lives to think of others. Whether it's holding the door for someone, helping an elderly person or complimenting another girl on her outfit, kindness may take little on your part while totally making someone else's day. I'm challenging myself to find more opportunities for kindness, and I hope you will be inspired to do the same. Crazy that something so easy to do could be looked at as a challenge. 

I saw that the Gap and Join Red was offering 30%
 off purchases all weekend. I love the (Red) campaign, you simply buy (Red) products at places like Starbucks, Hallmark, Apple and The Gap, and a portion of your purchase is donated to fight AIDs in Africa through The Global Fund. So when I saw the coupon for 30% off at The Gap, in which 5% of the purchase would go Red's efforts, I thought it was worth a trip to my local Gap Outlet for some cooler weather clothes. I e-mailed the coupon to some friends, and a friend and I went shopping last night. I found a pair of jeans and used my coupon to save $15. Afterward, the clerk handed me back the coupon, since it was valid all weekend. I was on my way out of the store rushing to do whatever was next on my busy agenda, when I realized this was a chance to help someone else out. So, I found other shoppers in the store and handed them my coupon. My friend did the same. We made three Gap shoppers very happy. I also asked them to simply pass on the coupon after they were done to someone else. That's a pretty easy random act of kindness, and there's the double benefit of a portion of their purchases going to the (Red) campaign as well. 

If you are shopping at The Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy today, be sure you print out the coupon. And maybe print a few extras out for the other shoppers.



Chel Rogersonbudget