What's the Greater Good Life?

Over the past few years, my eyes have really opened to how one’s actions can impact the world. While I’ve always strived to do my part, I realized there was much more I could be doing. I realized if I stopped racing through life--stopped working so hard to make more money, just so I could spend more money-- I might actually live better while doing more good and helping the planet. Essentially, this blog is the product of going through some tough personal times and finding refuge in a slower-paced life.  It's about giving up my shopping sprees, expensive car and fancy house, and realizing, I don't even miss it.

Along the way I’ve read a lot of books and blogs, researched new ways of doing things and started to make little changes in the way I live. I’m no expert, and I’m certainly no saint. But I think the lessons I've learned have made me happier, and I want to share this experience with others. I see living the Greater Good Life as a lifelong process, as I continue to seek out ways to improve myself, the people around me and the planet.

This blog will share ideas on how to positively impact the greater good, starting by improving our own health and quality of life. By doing that, we have the strength to inspire and help others and ultimately, society and the well being of our planet. Sounds daunting, but I believe every little bit counts. So my “little bit” will come in the form of posts about eating well, living well, avoiding chemicals, giving and kindness, green living and other ways to inspire a good life.

Most of the changes I’ve made in my own life are simple. So simple, I wonder why we all live on autopilot being sucked in by consumerism rather than living by common sense. The Greater Good Life is my way of sharing with friends, family and those I connect with how I strive to live well and offer my small gifts to help the greater good. In doing so, I hope to learn more and continue to improve with the help of everyone who reads the blog and gets involved. I have a lot of friends who inspire me, and I hope to have them write posts and share as well. Please, read, comment, share and take part in making this blog meaningful.

InspirationChel Rogerson