Smurf-tastic Halloween

Last week, I posted about Green Halloween and how we're making our own Smurf costumes. UPDATE: They turned out Smurfect! I was a little worried with my hat making abilities, but it really only took about five minutes to make both hats, and they fit without taking any measurements. We just stuffed them with a little toilet paper to make the tips stand up better.


Check out my Smurf tail.

Before we got dressed up, we carved a pumpkin with a surfer. We copied the idea from a photo on Flickr, but we changed the design to be a longboarder. 


Taking some Green Halloween tips, we used as much of the pumpkin as we could. I roasted the seeds and made some pumpkin puree that I think will make excellent pumpkin pancakes. When all is said and done, the remains of our Jack O'Lantern will end up on the compost heap. 

Have a green, smurfy, surfy and Happy Halloween! 

Chel Rogerson