It's easy to be good, even in Sin City

Hello from Las Vegas! I've spent the last four days here for Blogworld, and I'll be coming home with lots of tips to make this blog and my consulting business even better. I'm also coming home with some great experiences and shopping finds, which proves you can be good in Sin City! And if you can be good here, you can be good anywhere. 

First things first, shopping! Remembering less is best when it comes to our consumption habits, but it's still okay to make smart purchases on items you need or can truly appreciate. This starts by avoiding tacky tourist shops and wasting money on items that end up as clutter you will toss out later. It ends with fabulous finds on items you can really appreciate and will use for a long while: Fashion and Chocolate!

Good Fashion

A must-have on my shopping list was a new pair of jeans. This was partly because I needed to spruce up my fall wardrobe and partly because the one pair of jeans I packed for the trip formed a hole, right in the butt, while I was on the plane. I bought those jeans just a couple months ago at the Gap Factory outlet (one of the only places in my town to shop) and lesson learned, cheap clothes don't last. You have to invest in quality. 

I found the perfect jeans in terms of style and fit at the Billabong store at the Miracle Mile Shops in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. They are by Element, and are slim fit boot cut (we've progressed out of the 80's and into the 90's finally). For $70, not only do they look great and fit like a glove, they are made with 99 percent organic cotton (1 percent spandex). Double score!

Billabong is quickly becoming my favorite brand. With boardshorts and tees made from recycled plastic bottles and expanding options for organic cotton, what's not to love?

Good Chocolate

I've been checking out this 8-part original series from the Sundance channel called Eco Trip: The Real Cost of Living, which I stream from Netflix. Each episode explores the environmental impact of common, everyday products. One episode was about chocolate, which started with the harvesting of organic cocoa from the rainforest in the Dominican Republic and ended in a gourmet chocolate factory, Vosges in Chicago. What do you know, there's a Vosges store in Las Vegas at the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace! Oh yeah, I got to try this organic chocolate first-hand, and it's incredible! Like nothing I've ever had before and worth every penny of it's luxury price tag. I'm taking a couple of bars home to my friend, who's been watching my dogs for me. Now, isn't that a much better gift than a tacky Las Vegas shirt?

A Good Meal

I shopped til I dropped, so the next night I decided to take it easy. My shopping and conference pal, Holly Hoffman, and I enjoyed a fine dining experience our last night in Vegas at Wolgang Puck's Spago. This top-notch restaurant offered incredible fare with the finest, organic and fresh seasonal ingredients. I opted for late-harvest heirloom tomato soup with goat ricotta cheese crostini and the duo of farmer's market melon and fig salad, with wild arugula and burrata cheese. Every bite was delightful. And of course, I saved room for dessert: chocolate PBJ! This was a chocolate cake layered with peanut butter ganache and topped with concord grape sorbet and peanut butter whipped cream. I especially appreciated the garnished sprinkling of "peanut dust."


So yes, it is possible to be good in Sin City. In fact, stay tuned, because next I'll show you how being a lush in Las Vegas can make you feel heavenly in this sinful town!

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