Going Lush in Las Vegas! [Video]

Just finishing up a crazy week at Blogworld with Amber Karnes. We were a bit worn out from all the hoopla and took the opportunity to hit up Lush at Mandalay Place for some much needed relaxation and detox.

Lush offers all-natural, handmade soaps and bath products sans preservatives and toxic chemicals. Their fragrances are made from essential oils and packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Also, there are many vegan options. Check out this video as Amber and I stopped by Lush fresh out of Blogworld, and see our favorite picks.

To detox after the conference, I picked the Karma bubble bar and Brazen Honey mask. The Karma bubble bar has a sweet, uplifting orange scent that bursts into bubbles for a supreme bath time detox. Ahhhh-some! The bags provided for the bath bars can go right on your compost pile, which is where mine ended up once I arrived back home.

The Brazen Honey mask is made with ingredients and Indian spices, so fresh it's kept refrigerated in the store and expires after about 3 weeks (remember, no preservatives). This mask instantly took care of all those toxins I soaked up walking through the casinos the past few days. It left my skin clear and feeling rejuvenated. Overall, it was the perfect pampering experience to top off an awesome week. 

Lush bath and beauty products at Mandalay Place in Las Vegas.

To learn how to make your own natural, safe and earth-friendly sugar scrub, head over to Amber's blog, My Aim is True. Maybe do a little shopping of your own from the Lush website the next time you want a fresh, natural and eco-friendly way to pamper yourself. And please, leave a comment and let us know what you think of the video. We're video newbies and we're aiming to make them interesting and helpful. I promise to get better if you leave some friendly suggestions.

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